Chambar to Host Special Feast in Support of One of Its Veteran Servers

Honour Bound details the many cool things that we feel honour bound to check out and support because they either represent our city extremely well or are inherently awesome in one way or another.

Portia Pascuzzo, an artist who has worked the front of house at Chambar since 2015, has a new book of poems and digital paintings on the way. It’s called “The Day the Chickens Died”. A special three course feast by Chef Nico Schuermans is being prepared at the restaurant on October 27th to help her cross the self-publishing finish line.

“One day, when Nico and I were making small talk, I told him about my project. He asked when the books would be available, and I explained that I was unable to print them because it would be too expensive. Nico offered that I plan a fundraiser, where he would prepare 3 courses, as well as supply wine and the space to hold the event.

Without Nico this book would probably never come to fruition. This is why I continue to work for a place like Chambar; it’s one thing to give your employees a good job, but to offer personal time, space, and support like this is pretty unique.

For many of us in this industry, serving is a supplementary job that helps us take part in our more creative pursuits. To have an important person like Nico stand behind me means the world, and makes me feel super lucky to be part of such an amazing community.”

First edition copies of Portia’s book – as well as several prints – will be available for purchase during the evening of art, words, fine food and industry camaraderie. Details here.

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