Two Vancouver Beer Companies Collaborate on ‘Super Strange and Super Obvious’ Brew

The GOODS from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Superflux Beer Company, we’ve given the spicy dry pepper character of a classic saison a big fruity Galaxy dry hop…obviously! The release party is set for October 15th at Strange Fellows Brewing.

Super Strange and Super Obvious
Beer Type: Dryhopped Saison
Aroma: Spicy and peppery with stone fruit
Character: Soft and peppery with a dry carbonated finish
Colour: Straw
Hops: Galaxy dry hop
Malt: Canadian Pilsner malt and spelt
Yeast: Blaugies

Pairing: Roast Chicken, Bouillabaisse, Creamy surface ripened cheeses

Alcohol: 5.3%
IBU: 14
OG: 1.048

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