Canadian Printmaker Kari Kristensen New ‘Artist-in-Restaurant’ at Gastown’s PiDGiN

The GOODS from Pidgin

Vancouver, BC | We are very excited to announce our newest artist-in-restaurant program, this time with contemporary Canadian printmaker Kari Kristensen. Collaborating with some of our favourite local artists is a focal point in the culture we look to establish at our restaurant. Some of our past artist-in-restaurant programs have included Ola Volo, Sean Karemaker, Priscilla Yu, Jay Senetchko, Katie So, and most recently, Johny Taylor, who nominated Kari Kristensen to collaborate with us.

Kari found a lot of inspiration in the amount of thought, care and intention Craig Stanghetta put into the design of our space. Kari’s process is also very thought out and meticulously planned — the layers that she melds together to create her finished product is not only complicated as is, but everything has to be carved in reverse. Four out of the five pieces exhibiting at the restaurant were created specifically with the space in mind. All five pieces are a part of Kristensen’s ongoing series called Chasing Shadow — purposefully monochromatic to emphasize carving and line work. The biggest piece at the restaurant, a reflected landscape, was in direct collaboration with Chef Wesley Young’s dish featuring sole with a soy yuzu kosho glaze served with sushi rice, onsen egg, ume daikon pickles, furikake. The dish was inspired by Kristensen’s Danish heritage and their love of pickles and fish. The bold lines in Kari’s piece reflects the look and feel of the whole fish, the bones and the connection to the sea.

Come and see Kari Kristensen’s beautiful work up on our walls and on the cover of our menus.


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