One of Vancouver’s Coolest Food Events Went Down Last Night (and We Took a Bunch of Photos)

From Farms To Forks went down at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts last night and it was all about good food, good drink, good people and good times for a great cause.

The 10th annual event set guests free from the formalities of restaurant dining and puts them right next to the chefs who cook and serve small plates paired with great local wine. With glass in hand, one can wander around the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts’ kitchens at one’s own pace; self-guided, behind-the-scenes, glass-in-hand. All the cooking and animated conversations keep the energy level high and the crowds moving. It’s always been a pretty cool thing to experience, and last night was no exception.

The proceeds from the evening went to support Growing Chefs. The fantastic schoolyard garden program introduces elementary school children to urban agriculture and the importance of food sustainability by bringing chefs and local producers into the classroom to talk about, grow and eat food with kids. Children around the city (including one of my own) have benefited hugely from this program, and it’s awesome to see so many people supporting it.

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