Flashlight Mysteries In the Dark Set for Deas Island on October 19th

Want to explore nature, learn about nocturnal wildlife and enjoy some sort of spooky, fantastical fun? Well then, round up some buddies, dig out your flashlights and then get a head start on the year’s most sinister season by planning a trip to the Deas Island Regional Park in Delta on Saturday, October 19th (6:30 – 9:30pm) for Flashlight Mysteries. The nighttime activity is part escape room, part puzzle and part race along roughly two kilometres of lantern-lit park trails.

Here’s the premise, from the organizers:

“An ancient magic, hidden in forest, was uncovered. Late in the afternoon a mole was digging and she came across a magical artifact, which, once it was exposed to the sun began to suck in all the daylight! All the animals of the forest fear the lasting effects of this magic, for without day, there could be no way for the trees to grow – all the animals would be out of a home! We need YOUR help to bring balance back to nature, but luckily, you and your friends are not alone – you have the help of the wise mole! She knows something about this ancient magic, and can introduce you to the nocturnal animals that will best be able help you complete your quest. She will be your guide. So, as the last bit of sunlight sinks below the horizon, can you better explore and understand the realm of Deas Island, so that you may gain the powers and magic that will help you counter the spell…”

Got the tingles yet? Find out more about this free one-night-only event here.

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