This Elegant, Stalin Era-Inspired Restaurant in Moscow Isn’t Very Oppressive

Restaurant Porn is a column of daydreams presented as a means to introduce BC diners and designers to concepts, looks, and fully-formed ideas that they might draw an inkling of inspiration from.

(via) Situated on Moscow’s apparatchik-heavy Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya street, the nostalgic Pink Mama restaurant (part of the The LL Group) is reminiscent of the Stalin era with vernacular mid-century details and evocative motifs given powder-puffs of light green and pink…

Indeed, the 2,260 sqft eatery looks more like a period film set more than a place where one can actually dine, the sort of place where Sean Connery would meet Michelle Pfeiffer in The Russia House. Designed by an American, the New York-based Harry Nuriev of Crosby Studios, the interior is an elegant mix of copper, oak, stainless steel, glass, concrete and super sleek velvet – a combination that stops well short of being brutal.

– All photos by Mikhail Loskutov – 

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