The Nickname for an Albertan Beer Long Embraced by Many Vancouverites

Photo credit: Reddit user Branch McDaniel

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Pil | slang, beverage | Nickname for Old Style Pilsner (5.0% ABV), a fairly basic beer that was first brewed in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1926 and is today distributed by Molson-Coors Canada. It has long been a working class emblem in BC and across the Prairies, where it is fetishized by FUBAR types. To fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, it is known as ‘Saskatchewan Champagne’ (Old Style Pilsner is an official sponsor of the football team). The anti-craft beer.

Usage | “Ok, so I was on my way to get a case of Pil and a pack of smokes and this fucking deer came out of nowhere, right…”

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