On Animating Sushi Construction and Bringing a Gun to a Chicken Fight

Eater on their most anticipated restaurant openings of the fall, including a new casual joint from the folks that brought you Portland’s much beloved Kachka.

Kits will soon be home to the sixth location of Tacofino set to open on West 4th by the end of the month.

For the third week in a row, chicken sandwich-based drama continued as a group of angry customers stormed a Popeye’s wielding a pistol after they were told that the fast food joint had run out of their recently released sando.

The folks behind Commercial Drive’s Downlow Chicken Shack set up their burger concept at The American this past week.

How do you like them apples? Windfall Cider owners want your fallen fruit for their upcoming cider-making season.

Sushi making gets a cool animation treatment courtesy Jonathan Lindgren and Yoshi Amao.

Ursa Major Wine founder Rajen Toor on mentors, wine-based misconceptions and bottles worthy of a last meal.

Coming to a neighbourhood near you! After opening three brick and mortar cafes, Cartems doughnuts has decided to hit the road with their all new food truck.

Vancouver will be taking a stronger environmental stance in the coming months as the city gears up for a complete styrofoam ban by January 1st.

Keep a lookout for the launch of Scout’s sister publication, Islandist, which will soon be covering all things food and culture on Vancouver Island. In the meantime, check out this round-up of delicious things to do this month should you find yourself crossing the sea.

Canada’s restaurant industry is making way for a few new kids on the block, some of which we can barely wait for (*ahem- In-N-Out Burger*) while others are likely to face backlash for good reason.

Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen is once again leading disaster relief on the ground and feeding folks in the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @cafeyvr as I’m quite certain it’s going to be a two coffee kind of start to the week:

In response to a challenge from a cereal company to make breakfast more interesting, this man found a way to take “snap, crackle, pop” to the next level.

Bon Appetit shares their picks for the most anticipated cookbooks of the fall.

VinePair shares the history of the table-beer and why the sessionable sipper is making a comeback.

Table beer, tafelbier, or bière de table all refer to low-alcohol brews that can be enjoyed with or without food, and throughout a lengthy drinking “session.” Unlike table wine, table beers are generally not of lesser quality or expense than other beers. Instead, table beers are meant to be enjoyed one after the other, without getting you “drunk.”

How local industry folks are making changes in the workplace to meet the mental health needs of their employees.

On the German distillery that cracked the code of some of the most guarded recipes in the industry and is reviving centuries-old spirits.

How Quentin Tarantino’s new film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is giving viewers a taste of a Golden Age of drinking and partying in LA.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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