Basement ‘Boogie Van’ Ready to Rock in Railtown

Earlier this summer we reported that Cuchillo (261 Powell St.) would soon be landing a 50 seat basement bar called Boogie Van. It is now complete and ready to roll.

I took a look inside the space last week with owner/chef Stu Irving, who – as you can see from the images below – wasn’t kidding when he said his old Chevy van would figure prominently in the interior design. The actual ass end of it (chrome bumper and all) has been built into the bar with the brake lights on. The head-banging theme continues on the back of the entrance door with a mural. It  depicts a crystal-wielding skeleton king levitating above his army of the dead just as it crests a cliff to do battle against three fearsome-looking heroes who look poised to defend the…beer? Vancouver needs more metal; it doesn’t have to make sense. Fuckin’ rights, bud.

For some background, here’s the info we published back in June:

The 1,000 sqft space underneath Cuchillo has been in the works for over six years. I remember being told of its future as a possible lounge when touring the construction site back in January of 2013, so when I looked in on progress yesterday afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to see it nearly finished.

Accessed by a long sliding door, the interior of the approximately 50-seat Boogie Van project is being inspired by Stu Irving’s souped-up early 1980s Chevrolet van. True story: it was airbrushed with fantasy artwork — think spooky full moon, broad sword, battle axe, vulture, skull, et cetera. The van even had its name – “Black Knight” – emblazoned on its rear.

So how does that translate to a lounge interior? We’re talking purple neon signage, crushed red velvet panelling and metalhead murals with the back door panels of the original van actually being incorporated into the 10-ft. wide stand-up bar (no stools). The ceiling is low and the seating is high and there is room in one corner for a small band or a DJ to do his/her thing.

When we spoke last Stu hadn’t quite decided for certain how to schedule the room, but I think he’ll likely start with weekends (using it as spillover for Cuchillo) and private functions before nailing down regular nights. In any event, it’s pretty sweet down there with all that red velvet and a heavy duty sound system tying the adolescent fantasy up with a bow. Take a look…

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