Tickets Now Available for AnnaLena Dinner Series Vol.#003, ‘ARENA’

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Vancouver, BC | We invite you to join us for Volume Three of our Dinner Series at AnnaLena. Our latest instalment titled Arena, showcases the intersection of sport and food, and the culinary experiences synonymous with competition. For this, we’ve teamed up with Vancouver-based athletic wear brand Reigning Champ to help us create a casual-fine dining experience inspired by classic sport.

This dinner will explore the signature culinary cultures of the world’s greatest games and the dishes that best embody their heritage. Each course is designed to connect you to a specific sport and transport you to stadiums worldwide.

AnnaLena Dinner Series Vol. #003 Presents

Within The AnnaLena Dinner Series, Executive Chef Michael Robbins and the AnnaLena Team will be creating a tasting menu focused around a specific theme, complemented by decor, table settings,

On Tuesday, September 3rd & Wednesday, September 4th join the AnnaLena and Reigning Champ team for an 8 course Modern Arena dinner.

TICKETS | $119pp [ does not include taxes & service charges ]

Any substitutions or modifications will be politely declined

**This menu will contain meat, dairy, seafood and gluten

Seating is limited.

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