Cabrito to Celebrate One Year of Giant Paellas on Commercial Drive

Photo: Helena McMurdo Photography

The GOODS from Cabrito

Vancouver, BC | On Wednesday, August 21st Cabrito will once again be cooking up a giant paella on their patio. Bring your friends to help them finish off their 46” paella as they celebrate their one-year anniversary of serving up Giant Paellas.

What’s the story with Paellas & Cabrito?

Chef Alex grew up making giant paellas with his family and sharing them with friends and neighbours. Today, Alex is bringing this family tradition to his restaurant. “In our busy lives, we have so few opportunities to eat together – we love meeting the people in our community and especially how this has brought our Vancouver friends and neighbours together.” The flavour is rich and deep, it’s easy to share, flavourful, comforting, satisfying and warm. Cabrito prides itself on respecting the tradition of Paella making whilst giving it a unique west coast twist.

What can you find in Cabrito’s Giant Paella?

Sofrito – this is the base of the paella – a mixture of red peppers and onions, slowly cooked to impart flavour.

Pork Broth – this really makes the paella special – it gives the paella a deep, rich flavour.

Saffron – the essential ingredient of paella – without saffron, it’s just rice.

The Rice – Cabrito uses Valencia rice, a special short-grain rice grown in the fertile marshlands around Valencia, Spain.

Txistorra – this is a Basque style chorizo (sausage) that is made locally by Oyama Sausage on Granville Island.

Chicken and Cod – Chef Alex uses as many local ingredients as he can. Their chicken comes from Fraser Valley and the Cod is Pacific Cod.

What to look out for?

Make sure you try the Socarrat, the crispy bits at the bottom of the pan AKA- the good stuff.

This event is sponsored by “Moritz Barcelona” the first beer created in Spain in 1856. Alex and Šárka went to visit the brewery in Barcelona early this summer and met with the owners and were impressed by what they tasted. “Moritz Original” is a Pilsner; pale golden in colour with white, fluffy and abundant foam. Its taste is refreshing in the mouth, with notes of sweet malt and cereals and an intense presence of hops. Made with extra pale malt and one of the world’s most renowned aromatic hops, Saaz hops, this beer is a perfect pairing with Paella.

Come and celebrate with the Cabrito family on Wednesday August 21st. The paella show starts at 4pm so be sure to come early to see how this giant paella is made. It will be served until they run out, so don’t miss it! No cover, no need of reservations, first come, first serve. Event prizes and surprises!

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