Modus Coffee Gives a Supplier Shout Out to Donia Dairy Farms

Scout works with a lot of local restaurants to get the word out about the cool and delicious things they’re doing, but they couldn’t do what they do without access to awesome ingredients. To get what they need, culinary creatives depend on personal networks of passionate artisans, farmers and producers who often work hard without ever seeing the glory they deserve. Since it’s always good to recognize those who have your back, we bring you the Supplier Shout Out!

This week we visit Modus cafe on Broadway to learn what makes their milk-based coffee drinks so tasty…

Which one of your suppliers do you want to give a shout out to? Donia Dairy Farms in Surrey.

What does this supplier supply you? Our milk.

How is this ingredient featured on your menu? All milk-based coffees, all the time, by default for free.

What makes this supplier so special and why are you excited to use this item in particular? The dairy is really the main ingredient for all milk-based espresso drinks. The espresso is second. Which is why we use tastier, fattier, grass-fed milk from Donia Farms. It’s a local family farm who treats their livestock with care and respect, and boy does it show in the cup! Super sweet, real creamy, and backs up our coffee perfectly.

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