The Acorn Launches Gin + Juice Weekly Brunch Event

The GOODS from The Acorn

Vancouver, BC | The Acorn is celebrating its 7th Anniversary with a brunch designed to cap your week off with all the indulgences you undoubtedly deserve.

Starting with our $7 signature cocktails, which have been created to simultaneously embrace your guiltiest nostalgic impulses while staying in the good books of the you-of-today, choose between our Vegan Paralyzer, Gin + Juice (a-la-Acorn), Kombucha Sangria, or the Acorn Mimosa. Follow that up with two new, secretly vegan, heavy-hitter main courses. The new-to-the-menu Pancake stack, with Camino chocolate chips, maple syrup, seasonal fruits, crispy meringue and candied walnuts. In the mood for something savoury? Try the new and improved Hen of the Woods (adapted from our classic Artichoke and Waffle), a crispy fried Hen of the Woods mushroom on top of our house waffle with pickled shallots, bourbon maple syrup and mushroom red-eye gravy.

Tying it all together is our soundtrack of choice, the best of 90’s R&B and Hip Hop. Someone open the windows ‘cause it’s about to get hot in here.

The Acorn brunch runs every Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 2:30pm. Reservations are available online for parties of 6 – 8 people only.

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