Prototype Coffee Ready in Strathcona

Prototype Coffee opened this morning at 883 East Hastings Street in Strathcona. The 1,300 sqft microroastery and cafe is tucked away in one half of the old Writer’s Exchange space. It’s a bit tricky to find, which makes it all the more special.

When I poked my head in yesterday, coffee whisperer Matt Johnson was busily putting the finishing touches on his little dream. I got a little contact high from him when I shook his hands with congratulations — it’s been a long time coming for a guy whose been sourcing and roasting coffee beans for 13 years! On the day before he ran a friends-and-family service to test things out, and everything went swell enough that he made the decision to open – softly – this morning. If you love and appreciate dedication and coffee, check it out and bring a friend.

Some background on the project from when we first wrote about it back in late April:

Owner Matt Johnson, who many will recognize as the former manager of Gastown’s celebrated Revolver Coffee, took possession of the space many months ago. Situated on the same block as Les Amis du FromageThe Garden and Strathcona Beer Company, it’s literally tucked away in a corner behind a spiral staircase. It’s not an ideal frontage, but that won’t matter if the product is good and I expect it will be.

When the 16 seater opens this summer, those who follow their nose will find three small Bullet R1 roasters from Denmark making aromatic magic behind the bar, smart coffee instruments from GINA, and one of those newfangled, under-bar Mod Bar AV espresso machines. Johnson will aim to have 10 to 14 different coffees available at a time, and wants cold brew representation – in flights, no less – of everything he roasts.

Take a look, keeping in mind that these shots were taken yesterday when it was still very much a work in progress…

  • IMG_2602
  • IMG_2604
  • IMG_2611
  • IMG_2613
  • IMG_2617
  • IMG_2619
  • IMG_2625
  • IMG_2628
  • IMG_2632
  • IMG_2633

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