On Plant-Based Bitching and Making Life Increasingly Difficult for Food Trucks

Scene from the Fresh Roots’ fundraising dinner (July 25, 2019) | Photo: Scout Magazine

Infuriating but not surprising, President Cheeto Face is trying to  kick 3.1 million Americans off of food stamps.

This week in How to Cook Vancouver, Maciel tries her hand at recreating one of the city’s most beloved chicken wing recipes at home.

DoorDash finally changes their tipping model after a scathing article by the New York Times revealed that the food delivery service was funneling employee tips back to the company.

As more and more folks turn to non-alcoholic drinks, VinePair rates the best booze-free options on the market.

A word to the wise: If you’re going to pour cognac into the mouth of a fast food employee at a drive through, make sure a cop isn’t the next car in line….

How a few Canadian towns became outposts for traditional Icelandic cuisine.

Check out this delightful, interactive map that plots where popular, local food can be found around the world.

“The idea behind the project is to ensure that local recipes and traditional foods that have been handed down for generations aren’t lost or left behind with increasing technology.”

Fraserhood welcomes a new brunch spot as Egg & Co. opened its doors for business last week in the former Escobar space.

And in celebration of said recent opening, this week’s eating via Instagram honours go to @bitesofvancouver who showed us just what that brunch menu is made of:


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A recent study shows that if we were all to eat the recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies, there wouldn’t be enough to go around.

The CBC investigates the cumbersome regulations that make the growth of the local food truck scene unreasonably arduous.

40 food carts in Portland have gotten the boot to make way for a Ritz Carlton as the city continues to grapple with its development boom.

“At the heart of the change are big questions about the city’s priorities. How important are small businesses to Portland’s leaders? Are low-barrier opportunities for new immigrants a priority? Is Portland, a city that has long trafficked in its own quirkiness, becoming too slick to make space for the kinds of operations that put it on the map? What will remain?”

On a happier note for the city, however, Portland’s Lardo is home to one of the best sandwiches in American according to Thrillist. Check out the full list here.

NPR on the evolution of the astronaut diet over the course of half a century.

The Daily Beast on finding quality dairy on in the most unlikely of places.

And speaking of quality dairy, a huge shout out to the brilliant human that decided that the ultimate ice cream cone topping is another ice cream cone. 

Vegan food companies are in a battle with legislators over whether or not they can use the word “meat” on their product labels.

“Meat people — that’s animal meat people, meaning ranchers and farmers and their lobbyists — say the competition is welcome. But, in 24 states this year, they have worked to pass legislation to make it illegal for plant-based food to be called meat. The measures’ supporters don’t want vegan or vegetarian food items to be called burgers, steaks or dogs.”

Good news, folks! Your next summer vacation can finally take place inside an Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

While slipping on a banana peel may seem like a nostalgic gaff from old-timey silent films, Atlas Obscura details a time when actual banana peels were a constant menace on New York City streets.

And speaking of banana peels, conservationists are asking folks to stop throwing them on the ground while hiking in the mountains as the peels don’t actually decompose as quickly at high altitude.

Finally, kudos to all of those who donated to, volunteered at and attended the Fresh Roots fundraising dinner at David Thompson School last Thursday night. The non-profit organization that with schools to cultivate engaging gardens and programs that “catalyze healthy eating, ecological stewardship, and community” met their fundraising goal and everyone went home full and happy.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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