On Breaking Mezcal and the Donnelly Group Watching Cactus Club vs Earls

Eater’s picks for the best new restaurants in America include Portland’s Erizo, where they are serving up a multi-course tasting menu prepared over a live fire.

Meanwhile if you happen to find yourself on the east coast anytime soon, Bon Appetit has just released the names of their 100 favourite restaurants in New York.

Stanley Park Brewing is nearly finished. Take a look inside.

The news of our very own plastic-bag-shaming East West Grocery store has travelled far and wide, even all the way to NPR.

Get it while you can! July 21st will be the last day to enjoy some BBQ at Dixie’s as the restaurant plans to close its doors to focus on commissary operations.

In celebration of a summer favourite, several South Granville restaurants will be showcasing blueberry-inspired dishes for a 10-day “Go Blue” event starting July 18th.

The most recent in a series of birthday cake mishaps comes from a woman in Georgia who ordered a Disney Moana cake and instead ended up with a marijuana-themed cake featuring a pot leaf and what I can only assume is a very high My Little Pony.

A story in the CBC revealed how the gloves were off between mediocre mega-chain restaurant brethren Cactus Club and Earls. We have some footage of the Donnelly Group watching it unfold:

Next time you’re in Seatlle, consider making a stop at ?? By Tae, which comes highly recommended by the folks at Bon Appetit.

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have joined the ranks of celebrities that have decided to dip their toes in the boozy waters as they launch their own mezcal brand.

Reflections on the original release of New Coke in the 80’s and its recent reboot for the third season of Stranger Things:

“In the early 1980s, not content with producing the world’s most recognizable beverage, greedy executives tweaked the recipe for the first time in 94 years. They redesigned the can, launched a massive marketing blitz, and promised a better taste. But Americans wouldn’t stand for it. In the face of a nationwide backlash, the company brought back the old formula—now dubbed “Coke Classic”—after two months. The story of New Coke is eternal. It’s a parable of hubris.”

On the surprising amount of thought and care that has gone into building menus for Vancouver’s city-run concession stands.

How the impossible idea of a drive-thru daiquiri stand in Louisiana became a reality.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to Juniper where there’s a G&T for every occasion:


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Bad news bears…literally. Coquitlam’s Mundy Park has banned all hot food and outdoor cooking until further notice after a mama bear and her cubs were spotted taking an afternoon stroll in the area.

Summer nostalgia abounds in this video of a man examining a music box from his father’s 1960’s ice cream truck.

Not only do the French know how to eat better than most, apparently they also know how to drink better too. (Article best consumed with a glass of champagne.)

In celebration of their one year anniversary, the folks at Pepino’s have broken out the red checkered tablecloths and will be serving up some specials available for the month of July only.

And speaking of anniversaries, Granville Island Market turned 40 this past week.

Out with the old, in with the…temporary! The owners of Sal y Limon have taken over the old Crowbar and opened a new cantina in its place.

Fun fact of the week: Drinking alcohol in the sun doesn’t just cause dehydration it can also affect how quickly you get a sunburn.

On the existential crisis of beer nerds who have found themselves falling for the frat boy beer of choice.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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