East Van’s Odd Society Spirits Gives a Supplier Shout Out to South Peace Grain

Scout works with a lot of local restaurants to get the word out about the cool and delicious things they’re doing, but they couldn’t do what they do without access to awesome ingredients. To get what they need, culinary creatives depend on personal networks of passionate artisans, farmers and producers who often work hard without ever seeing the glory they deserve. Since it’s always good to recognize those who have your back, we bring you the Supplier Shout Out!

Today we go behind the scenes at Odd Society with Founder and Distiller Gordon Glanz to find out who is supplying the grain for their Prospector Whisky…

Which one of your suppliers do you want to give a shout out to? South Peace Grain in Dawson Creek.

What does this supplier supply you? SPG provides us with 100% BC grown, distilling grade rye.

What makes this ingredient so special and why are you looking forward to using it? Rye is an integral part of our Canadian Whisky heritage. The word rye is often used interchangeably to mean Canadian whisky. There aren’t many places in BC that grow rye but Dawson Creek is one of them. They grow high quality rye and the company is incredibly easy to work with. Rye is known for its unique, rich, spiciness.

What spirit will you use what they supply in? We use the rye to make our Prospector Whisky. Once it’s fermented and distilled we age the whisky in brand new oak barrels so the oak flavours can balance out the spice. Prospector sells at the distillery for $62 per bottle.

Is there a specific drink recipe that you suggest using it for? Prospector is ideal to use in a traditional Manhattan cocktail.

When is this item available? Rye is harvested in the fall but the grain is stored and there is enough to last us the whole year. The problem for us is patience because we need to wait a minimum of three years before our rye whisky is aged and ready.

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