On the Weird Science of Supertasting and Cooking Professionally with ADHD

How MacDonald’s locations across Ontario capitalized on the success of the Toronto Raptors’ this season.

“At the start of the season, McDonald’s began a marketing campaign that promised medium-size orders of French fries at its locations in Ontario each time the Raptors made at least 12 3-pointers in a game.”

While raising an empathetic kid is cool, nine-year-olds shouldn’t have to worry about paying off their classmates’ lunch debt. Oh also, why the f*ck do nine-year-olds have debt in the first place?

Avocados may have jumped the shark when it comes to breakfast, but they seem to be making a comeback when it comes to robbing banks.

Jerry the Seagull seems to have developed quite a refined palate and has set his sights on the leftovers of several unwitting Fairmont Waterfront guests.

The Nuance looks into the science of supertasting and how certain genes might be to blame for some people’s picky eating habits.

And speaking of seagulls with a refined palate, Jerry’s presumed East coast cousin had no shame stealing a bite of this woman’s lobster roll this past week.

In Massachusetts, this rare blue lobster found its way into a restaurant’s seafood order.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @nomnomyvr and a charcuterie board sent straight from the heavens:

A year after Anthony Bourdain’s death, the NYT shares what their readers had to say about the legendary chef in the wake of his passing.

You know it was a doomed campaign from the start when you hear former Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz has pulled out of his bid for president and your first thought is “Wait, that dude was still in the race?”

How a diagnosis of ADHD informed one chef’s approach to cooking.

A slew of exciting new openings and a couple of closings. First up: from the folks that brought you Via Tevere comes a new pizza shop in downtown Penticton set to open later this summer.

Next, Kelowna is now home to Frankie We Salute You, a new vegetarian restaurant courtesy of former Acorn co-founder/chef Brian Skinner and his wife Christina.

Meanwhile, a little closer to home, a project six years in the making is coming to fruition as the basement of Cuchillo is transformed into a lounge/event space called Boogie Van.

And to no one’s surprise, Fraserhood restaurant Escobar closed after a 14 month run and numerous heated protests. This new brunch restaurant called Egg & Co. will replace it next month.

Last but not least, after 8 years on West 4th Ave, Kitsilano bids a fond farewell to the Oakwood Canadian Bistro.

Michelin’s recent visit to LA shows just how out of touch the rating system is with the food that truly makes the city exceptional.

Shout out to UBC for recently announciung their move to use only sustainable seafood in all campus cafeterias and catering services.

Capitalism at its best (read: worst)! Balenciaga is selling hoodies for a cool $790 a piece to fight world hunger.

“It’s undeniably good to see money flow to such a humanitarian organization. But it’s also undeniably off-putting to watch thin models strut down a runway wearing $790 hoodies with a hunger-relief organization’s logo on the front.”

Good news or bad news? The infamous dehydrated-toe-cocktail of Dawson City, Yukon lives to see another day thanks to this guy’s frostbite.

Montreal’s cocktail scene is booming and Imbibe has a few places to check out the next time you’re in town.

A recent study explores what reviewers really mean when they refer to restaurants as “authentic”.

The term felt loaded—a characteristic that many restaurants, especially so-called “ethnic” ones, had to proclaim to draw customers. Who is the word “authentic” being marketed to? And who gets to decide what “authentic” actually is?

You know the gig economy has reached new heights when a social media manager is accepting hot dogs as payment for her services.

Genius or gross: Kraft’s strategy to rebrand ranch dressing as “salad frosting” for kids.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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