‘Stay Hike Ready’ Session Set for Broadway’s Fjällräven on Saturday

The GOODS from Fjällräven

Vancouver, BC | Come experience an in-store “Stay Hike Ready” session at Fjällräven Broadway and practice the Restore Human Method as it applies directly to hiking. The session will consist of mobility work, strengthening exercises, and self-care routines which were all designed specifically with hiking in mind. If you enjoy a good hike, a multi-day trek or any active outdoor activity, you won’t want to miss the training offered in this session!

The workshop will include a full 50-minute mobility workout followed by a short Q&A period and snacks, so please come early and plan to stay for the full event. Remember to wear comfortable clothing, or better yet wear your favorite Fjällräven gear to see if it’s up for the test! Come train with us to improve your strength, grace, and resilience, so you can stay hike ready for the rest of your life.

The session will run from 10:00 am to 11:30 on Saturday June 15th at Fjällräven Broadway – 147 West Broadway.

Registration is required, so sign up to reserve your spot! https://stayhikeready.eventbrite.ca.

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