Complex, Lambic-Style ‘Little Red One’ Beer Set for 750ml Release at Strange Fellows

The GOODS from Strange Fellows Brewing

Vancouver, BC | Strange Fellows is pleased to announce the release of LITTLE RED ONE. Previously brewed and bottled exclusively for Fellowship members, this beer is so good we felt inclined to share with everyone this year. It will be available as of Monday, June 10th in 750ml bottles.

LITTLE RED ONE | Lambic-style ale with Black Currants Dry/ Herbal/ SourBarrel-aged for over a year with black currants from the Fraser Valley, this West coast Lambic-style sour ale has notes of oak, black tea, and tobacco with a dry herbal character that brings to mind walking on herbal ground cover on a hot sunny day. Perfect for long term cellaring, this complex beer will soften and mellow with laying down for an extended period. Best enjoyed at room temperature.

AROMA black currant / oak / black tea / tobacco
CHARACTER dry / herbal / sour
BREWER’S NOTES Aged for over a year in red wine barrels
FOOD PAIRING chèvre/ mussels / charcuterie / pâté A.B.V.6.5%

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