South Granville’s ‘Jamjar’ Set to Introduce Lebanese-Style Weekend Brunch Service

The GOODS from Jamjar

Vancouver, BC | We’re very excited to roll out a Lebanese-style brunch at Jamjar on South Granville. The menu boasts some classic staples in Lebanese homes such as Shankleesh, a spiced cheese tossed with fresh vegetables and zaatar; Bastirma, an Armenian specialty of cured beef tenderloin spiced with garlic, fenugreek and roasted red pepper; a few inspired dishes and a take on a benny paired with a falafel biscuit.

We will open early at 10AM and run the menu below until 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Our brunch service launches on Saturday, June 8th, just in time for diners to enjoy on our very sunny patio!

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