On Truffle Fraud, Spray Cheese, and Bartenders Making Good Politicians

Just in time for all of your summer drinking needs, Esquire shares their picks for the best bars in America, including Seattle’s Lucinda Grain Bar and Portland’s Expatriate.

It’s strawberry season and unfortunately farmers from England to Germany are dealing with all manner of berry burglar.

Coming soon to Victoria, an organic diner in the historic Paul’s Motor Inn.

Two major studies released this past week confirm previous findings which point to the health risks of heavily processed foods.

Don’t worry though because the Trump administration is pushing to have spray cheese considered a staple under his new food stamp rules.

Congresswoman (and former bartender) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepped behind a New York City Bar for a guest shift this past weekend in order to advocate for a $15 minimum wage.

Meanwhile the BC minimum wage went up by more than a dollar this past weekend which should mean a much needed bump for tipped workers in the province.

If you’ve ever wondered what 300 year old wine stored at the bottom of the ocean tastes like, here’s your chance to find out.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @beaucoupbakery where rhubarb season is being celebrated in delicious style:


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Have you tried our Lavender Rhubarb Choux yet? #beaucoupbakery

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While we are still anxiously awaiting the opening of East Van’s Flourist, here’s a video of the arrival of their massive bread oven and mill to whet your appetites.

NPR provides a history lesson on the agricultural use of Monsanto’s Roundup and why the chemical has come under fierce criticism in recent years.

Eater investigates the nefarious underground world of truffle fraud.

“Truffle fraud does not require any of the counterfeit labeling required of other food frauds: The truffles normally ride unmarked in plastic bags, satchels, and paper towels and are often sold unlabeled, after inspection and negotiation.”

The 10th annual Craft Beer Festival is underway and the Vancouver Sun has a few helpful tips for ticket holders who are headed to the festivities.

Do you think this guy lost his job at Wendy’s before or after he bathed in the sink at the fast food restaurant?

As it turns out, the tireless work of some rather small insects is the key to Brazilian coffee. Who knew?

It’s that time of year where we must make the most of every patio in town, including this Coal Harbour stunner.

Punch on the signature PDT cocktail that launched an entire fat-washed cocktail trend.

Recent findings on the environmental impact of Prosecco production may have you reaching for a different bottle of bubbles.

“A recent study by the University of Padu, which was backed up by Italy’s agricultural ministry’s own findings, sparked panic this week when researchers announced that prosecco production accounts for the erosion of some 880 million pounds of soil each year.”

And speaking of the environment, farmers across the US are taking to Twitter to inform Americans about the terrifying effects of climate change on their crops.

Roving food lover Rose Previte shares her picks for the 10 best street foods around the world.

Feel like eating out just keeps getting more and more expensive? That’s cause it does! Global News report.

The Okanagan will be home to Chef Victor Bongo’s summer pop-up in partnership with Naramata’s Serendipity Winery.

Looking for work in the industry? Scout knows who’s hiring!

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