What Would Happen if We Attempted to Terraform the Sahara Desert?

This short film from What If asks What if we terraformed the Sahara Desert? The answer is, of course, incredibly complicated. Though it would appear to help alleviate or slow climate change, there’s a good chance it would create more problems than it would actually solve. It would also be a prohibitively expensive project, with the bills being a couple trillion dollars a year. And then there are the many African countries that exist in or on the periphery of the desert. I’m just spitballing here, but they might have something to say about the course of their respective national destinies…

In an effort to fight climate change, the Sahara Desert could be going green…literally. Plans are being made to terraform the entire Sahara desert; changing it from a dry, barren landscape to a lush green space. If successful, the transformation could remove 7.6 billion tons of atmospheric carbon yearly. How could we change the nature of such a vast, isolated landscape?

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