Father’s Day Screening of Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Kid’ Set for the Cinematheque

The GOODS from The Cinematheque

Vancouver, BC | To celebrate Charlie Chaplin’s 130th birthday this year, The Cinematheque’s Film Club presents a special Father’s Day screening of Chaplin’s sublime feature-length debut, The Kid (1921).

THE KID (G) | Sunday, June 16 | 11:00am

A touching silent comedy with roots in Chaplin’s own Dickensian childhood, The Kid has Charlie’s Tramp adopting a young boy (five-year-old Jackie Coogan, in a star-making turn) who’s been abandoned by a single mom. Arguably Chaplin’s most accomplished marriage of humour and heart, this agile 53-minute treasure, a colossal international success in 1921, “remains one of Chaplin’s masterpieces and one of the best remembered and most loved of all motion pictures” (Theodore Huff, Charlie Chaplin).

Silent with intertitles and musical score.

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