Two Rivers to Celebrate Arrival of Jamón Ibérico with Party on May 31

Photo: Adam Blasberg

The GOODS from Two Rivers Specialty Meats

North Vancouver, BC | Jamón Ibérico could be the most sought after cured meat on the planet. It is rich and nutty, with a melt in your mouth flavor. Made from Spain’s rare black footed pigs (Iberian hogs), which during the last few months of their life feed solely on fallen acorns, this Jamón carries flavours reminiscent of the pigs eating habits: intensely woodsy and nutty with a high degree of marbling. Due to the skill and time required to carve this fine Spanish delicacy, the Jamón Ibérico will be available on a limited basis. Moving forward Two Rivers will be hand carving once a week on Thursdays between 2-5pm.

We will be celebrating the launch with the public this Friday, May 31st with a special Spanish Party. The special menu will be available for one day only from 5PM to 9PM! There will also be live Spanish guitar from 5 to 8:30PM. *No reservations available, first come first served*

In addition to the special menu, Two Rivers will be serving bottles of Prosecco, Spanish red wine and a Spanish Basque Cider:

Bereziartua – Gipuzkoa, Spain
Natural Basque Cider 6.5%

A beautiful example of sagardoa, made with a blend of natural wild apples such as Txalaka, Urtebia, Judeline and Judor. You should expect a consistent bitter-sweet body with complex fruity and wild fermentation notes. An excellent substitute for beer or the sugar-filled ciders of North America, it pairs well with rich or meaty foods.

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