FOH Manager Sought for New Organic Diner in Victoria

The GOODS from Paul’s Diner

Victoria, BC | Fol Epi / Agrius Restaurant is opening an organic diner in the historic Pauls Motor Inn, early July! We are looking for a FOH Manager to work with us on creating a team and culture to convey a casual, fun atmosphere while still maintaining a sense of integrity and quality, overseeing operations and direction, maintaining efficiency as well as facilitating guest experience.

Responsibilities will include:

– Scheduling
– Stock management
– Concept Development
– Analysis of Reviews
– System Development
– Conflict Resolution/Prevention
– social media management
– Manage large party bookings
– More!

This is a project we are very excited about and looking for someone to join us soon as we will be preparing for a fast renovation and opening! We would like the person to be part of the hiring for opening as well continued development of the space.

We would like someone who is a seasoned professional in the industry, and who can work well with the rest of our management team and knows how to work well with a crew to inspire the best from people.

We will be using all organic ingredients and serving natural wines. We would like someone who cares about the integrity of the food and drinks that are served.

We want to create a fun and lively atmosphere throughout the day and help put together special events, there is a lot of potential here!

Please apply with resume and cover letter by email (midnightbreads [at]

Thank you.

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