On the Archaeology of Beer and the Slow Death of the Old School Diner

Check this out: one bar in Massachusetts is using their rose wine sales to support reproductive rights in Alabama. To date they have raised nearly $25,000 for the cause.

A fascinating feature on the disappearing diners of New York.

Legal forces developed in the wake of the #MeToo movement are pursuing cases against McDonald’s after employees describe repeated instances of sexual harassment on the job.

“The cases represent just a sampling of complaints labor advocates said they have received about the chain, but the company’s dominant role in the economy makes the campaign a major test of the legal and labor power of the #MeToo movement. The $25 million legal defense fund, housed at the National Women’s Law Center in Washington, has received almost 5,000 requests for assistance since it was created in the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. A majority of those appeals came from low-wage workers, and the fund has given the most money to the McDonald’s cases, said Sharyn Tejani, director of the fund.”

Eater encourages you to just ask to sit at the table you want. Nobody puts baby in the corner!

How Top Chef finalist Eric Adjepong told the story of the trans-Atlantic slave trade through a four course dinner.

The historic Hotel Vancouver will be hosting an exclusive afternoon tea this Wednesday to celebrate its 80th anniversary.

While the federal government introduced the Nutrition North Program in 2011 to subsidize perishable food items shipped north, a recent study shows that Nunavut is facing worsening food insecurity.

“The study, published by researchers from the University of Toronto, determined 46 per cent of households in Nunavut were experiencing food insecurity in 2016, up from 33.1 per cent in 2011, when Nutrition North was introduced.”

A hilarious riff from Conan O’Brien on all the accidental beverage sightings in Game of Thrones.

New column alert! Further Afield Trips asks locals living outside of Vancouver for some of their favourite recommendations in the place they call home.

If you’re looking for a unique weekend getaway, consider a road trip south to Astoria, Oregon to play Meat Bingo at a 93-year-old tavern (FYI- it’s exactly what it sounds like).

Nearly two years after being accused of sexual assault, Mario Batali is facing charges in Boston.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @viranlly who celebrated Spot Prawn season with a long-table feast at Fairmont Pac Rim:


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First of all, ‘beer archeologist’ is a real profession and one man behind the job is working to bring back some ancient ales.

After the recent passing of same-sex marriage laws in Taiwan, more than a thousand people gathered in Taipei to throw a wedding banquet in celebration.

This week in food and science, check out this rad video of Canadian Space Agency Astronaut David Saint-Jacques demonstrating how honey behaves in space.

Why yes, of course there’s an Austrian schnapps made of turnips.

The schnapps is unique, with a distinct whiff of vegetables. “The smell takes some getting used to and you either love or hate the taste,” a tourist site promoting the region concedes. One blogger describes it as “a hit of pure sauerkraut, which [trails] off into something weird which reminded me of [a] pair of training shoes I once owned.” It’s also said to improve digestion.

From German beer soup to leftover pizza, The Atlantic readers share what they like to eat for the most important meal of the day.

Canada’s 50 best bars were announced this past week. Check out the 8 Vancouver bars that made the cut.

CBC talks to Vancouver Island Chef Jared Qwustenuxun Williams on his ongoing advocacy Indigenous food sovereignty.

“Provincial food safety legislation can make it tricky to serve traditional Indigenous cuisine, says Qwustenuxun, who is part of a growing movement of Indigenous chefs and food activists pushing for food sovereignty — the right to define their own food systems.”

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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