Beta5 Updates Chocolate Collections with New Flavours

The GOODS from Beta5

Vancouver, BC | To celebrate longer days and warmer weather we’ve updated all of our chocolate collections, bringing you an abundant new menu of flavours to try. From an update to our Award Winning Trademark Collection, to our new collections inspired by Patio Drinks and some of our favourite Spring and Summer flavours, there’s sure to be something for every chocolate lover!

Look out for some old favourites (we’re looking at you Banana, S’More, Rhubarb – Oatmeal and Cucumber Cooler), along with some exciting new creations like the Long Island Iced Tea (combining a citrus and tequila ganache with a brown sugar and cola ganache), Radler (a delicate ganache made with a Four Winds Brewing Co. pale ale and lemon), and Sparkling Raspberry Praline (hazelnut praline with freeze-dried raspberries and pop rocks).

These collections will be available in store and online starting tomorrow, and available for shipping across Canada until May 30. Please note that due to warmer temperatures during the summer months, we will not be shipping product between June 1 and September 15.


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