On Michelin-Starred Exhaustion and Taking the Spritz Out of Aperol

The James Beard awards took place this past week. Here’s a full list of all the chefs and restaurants that took home some hardware.

And if you’re interested in the folks in food media that were recognized, here’s the full round-up.

Necessity is certainly the mother of invention, which may be why Vancouver is seeing more and more ‘ghost restaurants’ popping up on the scene.

From favourite breakfast joint to best spot for a nightcap, Como Taperia’s Camilo Romero takes us on a tour of his favourite spots to dine and drink.

How one Toronto restaurant is creatively tackling the issue of food waste, one hour at a time.

This Michelin-starred restaurant in Sweden has had enough of the pressure and the limelight.

So many drink-based feelings on the internet this week! First up: a New York Times article that tore the Aperol Spritz a new one and has everyone up in arms.

Case in point: this is one of several responses I stumbled across that comes to the defense of the classic cocktail.

In fact, the debate made it all the way to our very own city which is why our drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @dibepperestaurant where they are throwing down for #spritzgate:

Finally, Sam Adams and much loved craft brewery Dogfish Head are merging and the beer community has some thoughts on the matter.

Grub Street interviews award-winning Chefs Edouardo Jordan and Kwame Onwuachi to learn more about their experiences working as black chefs in mostly white kitchens.

Drinks podcast Life Behind Bars looks at whether or not rum is going to give whiskey a run for its money.

How one bartender is using a pin to communicate with colleagues on days he’s choosing not to drink.

“To help drop ‘unhealthy drinking habits,’ Goodwin came up with The Pin Project. The concept is simple: Bartenders wear the pin to communicate to colleagues and patrons that they’re making the choice not to drink alcohol that day. “It’s not a sobriety token,” he says. Instead, the pin is a societal tool, a non-verbal form of communication to “let the people around you know that you’re making a choice not to imbibe that shift.”

Ready-to-drink bevies are all the rage but does the current trend have staying power? Punch reports.

Bartifacts returns with a brief history lesson on the lethal weapon hanging behind the bar at Ancora.

While we already have a pretty rad Catfe, Vancouver would definitely be cooler if we also had a pig cafe.

Finally! Someone has admitted to eating other people’s leftovers in restaurants. Come on, you know you’ve thought about it!

“Alex is a 43-year-old San Franciscan who works in the financial sector. He also eagerly eats uneaten and untouched leftover food off of plates if he spots it out in the open at a public dining establishment, even if it’s off a stranger’s plate.”

Vaguely intrigued and slightly revolted by this banana split that has replaced bananas with pickles.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

There are 2 comments

  1. NY Times Cooking hasn’t be relevant since they decided to add peas to guac.

    Also spritzs are just the new *basic* cocktail – i.e. previously known as the marg, the cesar, the tini etc.

  2. Love the pig cafe. My business plan is to open the world’s first – and last – hyena cafe.

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