Yuwa Japanese Cuisine Announces Special Mother’s Day Platter

The GOODS from Yuwa

Vancouver, BC | Join us on Mother’s Day to enjoy a special ‘The Warmth of Mother’ appetizer platter only available May 12 that features the six following items:


“The Warmth of Mother”

Nasu Nibitashi
lightly fried eggplant steeped in dashi, bonito flakes

Maguro Gomazu
Albacore Tuna, wakame seaweed, sesame vinaigrette

Wagyu Nikujaga
Stewed thinly sliced Wagyu rib eye, Yukon potato in sweet soy dashi, snow pea and carrot

Kabocha Salad
mashed Japanese kabocha squash, lotus root, pine nuts

Saba Teriyaki
mackerel with teriyaki sauce

Chicken Tsumire
simmered chicken thigh meatballs in soy dashi with julienne leek

RESERVATIONS | This exclusive platter is available for $35 and only for Mother’s Day on May 12. Reserve your table early to avoid disappointment.

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