A Conversation With Eastside Flea Vendor Marielle Rosky (aka Mr. Fish!)

The GOODS from Eastside Flea

Vancouver, BC | Enjoy our newest profile with local queer artist extraordinaire, Marielle Rosky aka Mr. Fish! You can find them on instagram at @mrfishink and can purchase their unique, beautiful artwork at mrfishink.bigcartel.com.

How did you get started with your business?

I made art, made an instagram, put my art on instagram, and everything changed for me when I made my online shop (big cartel but currently switching over the square space). Once I set up the online shop, and folks were purchasing art, it really set me on a course to start vending more, making smaller, more affordable original art and reproductions as well.

What can Vancouverites do to better support small businesses?

When you want to spend money on pleasure or for gifts, don’t go to Amazon! Go to to events where local people are vending! Obviously you can’t do that for everything, you’re going to need to get toilette paper and it might make the most financial sense for you to get it at Costco, but for the other stuff, the sweet sentimental stuff, the decorating your house stuff!

Why did you choose the Flea?

I applied to be a vendor at the flea because I knew it’s a well known, well liked, well attended market. I think the more interesting question is why did the Flea choose me? My art is not the most palatable for a wide reaching audience. It’s VERY queer, VERY raunchy, and pretty niche. So I was honored and surprised and elated that the Flea wanted to host me and the weird shit I make!

What are your 3 favourite things to do in Vancouver on a day off?

One of my favorite things to do on a sunny day off is spend it in East Van (where I live), I’m just south of Trout Lake, so I like to walk through there, do some good dog watching. Then I’ll walk down towards the drive, browse for clothes at Mintage, miscellany, and Little Miss vintage, eat some cake at Renzo’s cafe, soak up some sun in Grandview Park.

I love to bus to Chinatown, walk around and into all the shops, especially Artistic Art and Crafts on Pender (a lovely stone and crystal shop), get a bunch of delicious treats at New Town, and go eat them in the Chinese garden on Columbia and Keefer.

I am HUGE Bunzer. If you don’t know about the Bunz app, it’s a trading and bartering social media app. I am just short of obsessed with it. On a day off I like to schedule a bunch of different Bunz trades that take me to parts of the city I don’t usually go, while getting new stuff (without paying) and getting rid of stuff I don’t want anymore.

What inspires you to draw who and what you draw?

Fat Babes! Queer fat babes! Babes in general but in particular fat babes. I love our energy, our style, our badassery, our bodies. i actually get so bored when I try to draw something other that queer fat cuties. Fat queer babes are my life’s passion and my art is spreading the gospel.

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