On Dire Threats to Maple Syrup and Wondering If You Could Ever Eat Yourself

What are you two picks for the Best New Restaurant in Vancouver? Vote here.

New month, new horoscope. Bon Appetit predicts the desserts you’ll be enjoying in May based on your star sign.

New York bartender Liana Oster explains why we should be paying more attention to vermouth.

Former Revolver Manager Matt Johnson is set to open his own coffee shop in Strathcona in the coming months. Check out the work in progress!

The New York Times on the threat posed by climate change to the Canadian maple syrup industry.

“Warm weather can hurt syrup production because the process depends on specific temperature conditions: daytime highs above freezing with nighttime lows below freezing. This specific variation — which tends to happen as winter turns to spring, and fall into winter — causes pressure differences in the trees that allow the sap to flow. And it’s the sap that the farmers boil to create maple syrup.”

On a similar note, this NYT article answers all your questions on food, climate change, and reducing your carbon footprint through changes in your diet.

Vancouver has a lot of love for pop-up dinners and here are four more to add to the calendar this month.

A recent report from the New York Times uncovers rampant abuse of Syrian refugees on hazelnut farms in Turkey.

“Much of the harvest winds up in beloved confections, like Nutella spread made by Ferrero, candy bars made by Nestlé and Godiva chocolates made by a Turkish company, Yildiz. Few consumers know that behind each of these treats is a crop that has long been notorious for its hazards and hardships, as well as the prevalence of child labor, a scourge the government has been trying to combat for years.”

Eater asks an actual zoologist to estimate just how much the Game of Thrones dragons would need to eat if they were real.

Spring has sprung and the Vancouver Sun has a few tips and tricks for sustaining your own food gardens at home.

Beyond Meat is making the leap from the fast food restaurant to the grocery store shelf allowing consumers to make the vegan burger for themselves.

Looking for the perfect graduation gift for the smarty pants in your life? Consider tapping into history and giving them a skull-shaped beer stein.

From the folks that brought you Alibi Room comes Magnet- a new beer-focused restaurant which opened its doors on West Pender this past week.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @richwon and this delectable action shot of The DownLow fried chicken in the making:

There’s a real life Hamburglar in our midst as authorities have discovered a Quebec-based hacker has been using the McDonald’s app to order thousands of dollars worth of fast food on other people’s accounts.

And speaking of hackers, last week’s Reply All episode shares the mysterious story of the single coke order coming through to hundreds of Domino’s stores across the US.

This week in things that really shouldn’t exist: vegemite-toast flavoured alcohol. WHY!!??

The Daily Beast on the dry counties in America where prohibition is still the law of the land.

In a rather macabre inquiry, this gentleman wants to know which of his own body parts would be the best to eat should he ever find himself in a dire situation. The folks at Today I Found Out attempt to answer…

“As for the legs, again with the caveat that this can vary wildly based on a specific individual, for a ballpark average, each leg contains around 7,000-8,000 calories (enough to sustain Jeff comfortably for around three and a half days). If Jeff got really desperate he could cut off one of his arms which would net him an additional 2,000 or so calories. Another day of comfortable eating.”

In ongoing proof of the multitude of ways that avocado has jumped the shark, we give you guacamole cheese!

Laughing Squid on the company that took a practice cluster bomb and turned it into a liquor cabinet.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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