On Women Jumping Out of Cakes and Debating the Merits of Glitter Beer

The story of an actual woman that swallowed the spider to catch the fly….except instead of a spider it was a spoon and instead of a fly it was a fish bone.

Shout out to comedy writer Rachel Clayton who took the time to post a series of tweets matching Jeff Goldblum’s outfits with different flavours of Pop-Tarts.

In the wake of your Easter confection hangover, The New York Times pays homage to the little bug that is at least in part responsible for some of your favourite candy.

Atlas Obscura provides a detailed and curious history of women jumping out of cakes.

Punch Magazine rounds up their picks for the best new bars in America this season.

In perhaps the strangest sales pitch of all time, this property developer offered a side of free avocado toast for a year with every condo sold.

What happens when three Vancouver chefs and a well respected brewer go to Austin, Texas to eat at as many of the best BBQ joints they can? So much deliciousness happens!

Eating via Instagram honours go to @athenasweets for building the ice cream taco that dreams are made of:


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While the Daily Best debates the merits of glitter beer, I can assure you that the sparkly beverage falls squarely into the category of “things that only exist for Instagram”.

In a surprising bit of news, researchers find that meal kits have a smaller carbon footprint than grocery shopping.

“The study, published Monday in the scientific journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling, examines the whole life cycle — from farm to garbage can — of meal kits and their grocery store equivalents, and finds that, on average, store meals produce 33% more greenhouse gas emissions than their equivalents from Blue Apron.”

From the launch of the Food Network to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Taste looks at eight defining moments for food in the 90’s.

Atlas Obscura interviews former Mars R&D Director Dan Michael to find out if being a real life Willy Wonka is all it’s cracked up to be.

While they are often confused for the other, Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale are, in fact, two distinct beverages and Vinepair explains the difference.

For those who already ascribe to a plant-based lifestyle and those want to learn more about the diet, Vancouver will be hosting VegExpo on May 5th.

And speaking of a plant-based diet, this local couple will be launching the first vegan, probiotic lassi at said VegExpo.

Eater on the precarious position of fast food employees and the proposed bill that may help to create more job security in the industry as a whole.

“As the national Fight for $15 campaign highlights the need for living wages for fast-food staff, New York City’s just cause legislation stresses the importance of keeping some of the labor market’s most vulnerable workers employed. While more job protection certainly benefits workers, supporters of just cause legislation say it could also help the fast-food industry save money by stabilizing its workforce.”

While last week’s article on pre-batched cocktails from the NYT focused on efficiency, VinePair explores a consumer desire for perfection as a driving force behind the practice.

This week in food and podcasts: In honour of Earth Day, Pod Save The People interviewed marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson who provided some tips for reducing your carbon footprint through diet.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring

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