Fjällräven Bowen Island Hiking Adventure

Fjällräven Bowen Island Hiking Adventure

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Victoria, BC | Fjällräven is about getting outside and spending time in nature. In BC, that means beaches, forests and mountains. Because we spend so much of our free time in the outdoors, we want to share some of our favourite local adventures that are close to our stores in Victoria and Vancouver…

Adventurer: Darryl Peterson
Store location: West Broadway, Vancouver
Favourite season: Winter
Favourite cold weather sport: Camping
Favourite tree: Birch
Colour of your backpack: Dark Grey

Mount Gardner Loop Trail, Bowen Island

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
TIME REQUIRED: 4 hr min round trip hike, Plus 20 min ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay
DISTANCE: 9.7 kms
KID FRIENDLY? Certainly is.

PARKING: You can take your vehicle on the ferry and park in town on Bowen Island near the trailhead.

TAKE: Plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat and some snacks.

TIP: Keep your eyes open for those trail markers. Some are small and difficult to spot.

SNACK: Head to the Snug on Bowen Coffee House for some great coffee and baked goods for the hike. Post hike, head to the Bowen Island Pub for a refreshing pint and filling burger. The crispy calamari was a hit with our crew too.

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The Snug Cafe 445 Bowen Island Trunk Rd MAP
The Bowen Island Pub 479 Bowen Island Trunk Rd MAP
Mount Gardner Loop Trail Mount Gardner, Bowen Island MAP

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