The Scout List, Vol. 519

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from April 17 to April 23, 2019.
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The Scout List, Vol. 519

From our calendar to yours comes this carefully considered agenda of cool things we are doing, wishing we could do, or conspiring to do in Vancouver from April 17 to April 23, 2019. Note that you can now get the Scout List – with a few extra pieces of intel included – sent to your inbox every Thursday. Sign up for your subscription in the sidebar.

DUDE |  The “Reclining Figure” cedar sculpture (AKA “The Dude”)  from East Vancouver’s Dude Chilling Park has deteriorated since it took up residence in the park in the early 90’s. Forces are now at work to restore the sculpture and cast it in a more durable bronze. Expensive project! From The Rio: “THE BIG LEBOWSKI is a film that is best enjoyed chillin’ with friends (maybe in your pajamas, an old bathrobe, or a comfy Cowichan sweater – your call, no judgement) and maybe an adult beverage (perhaps a delicious White Russian or two – you deserve it!). Something else we can abide? Taking in a big-screen showing of the Coen Brothers’ classic – and supporting a great cause! On Thursday, April 18, The Rio Theatre and The Vancouver Art House Society will be donating 20% of all proceeds to help return the beloved “Dude” sculpture to East Vancouver‘s Dude Chilling Park, because he really ties the park together.  Throw on your bathrobe and meet us there! Find out more.

Thu, Apr. 18 | 6pm | $15 | The Rio | 
 1660 E Broadway MAP

GIGS | This is a solid weekend for music in Vancouver. Feel like dancing? Good news: Maggie Rogers is at The Commodore on Wednesday night (bad news: her show is sold out so hit Craigslist!). Also, Leikeli47 is in town from Brooklyn to play Fortune (details). Oh, and Metric & July Talk will be at the Pacific Coliseum (details). Not sure you want a conventional big venue experience? How about an experimental music night at the tiny Toast Collective with Rob Noyes (Boston, MA), Greg Kelley (Seattle, WA), and Nightingale (Vancouver, BC) — details here. Live music is usually a good move, so jump in.

Maggie Rogers | Wed, Apr. 17 | 8pm | Commodore | 868 Granville St MAP
LEIKELI 147 | Fri, Apr. 19 | $18 | Fortune | 147 E Pender St. MAP
METRIC + JULY TALK | THU, Apr. 18 | 6:45pm | $50-$85 | Pacific Coliseum MAP
TOAST | Mon, Apr 22 | 8pm | 648 Kingsway, Vancouver MAP

FOLLOW THE RABBIT | Japanese-Canadian printmaker and illustrator Mariko Ando has a show opening that ties in nicely with Easter. Ando’s shadowy and detailed etchings – often featuring rabbits – will be on the walls of the Visual Space Gallery April 17–May 2, 12-5 pm. The opening reception for this show is Saturday, April 20th, 3-5pm. The extra good thing about the location of this exhibition is that it’s only a few minutes from some of the best cinnamon buns in the city (Grounds For Coffee), and from there it’s only another few minutes to Jericho Beach. Check out the show, grab a gooey cinnamon bun, take a beach walk and a visit with real rabbits who hop around the bushes near the Jericho Beach Sailing Centre. Find out more.

Apr 17–May 2 | 12-5 pm (Closed Sunday) | 3352 Dunbar St, Vancouver, BC V6S 2C1 MAP
Grounds For Coffee 2565 Alma St. MAP
Jericho Beach Jericho Beach MAP

4/20 | Thousands upon thousands of people will gather at Sunset Beach to celebrate marijuana this Saturday. As pot is now legal, this is less a rally with a political statement as it has been in the past, and more a crowd of stoned people. But it will not be an insignificant number of people, and Cypress Hill is expected to play too. Expect pot cookies, smoking tents, bongo drums, naked people and wizards…at a minimum. The first reefers are lit early and the cloud of blue love gathers all day, reaching a hazy zenith at 4:20pm. So, if you’re driving through downtown on this day, you’ll want to avoid Beach Ave. north of the Burrard Street Bridge (near the Aquatic Centre). Actually, you might just want to give the whole ‘driving anywhere’ through the West End a skip. Go on foot. Find out more.

Sat, Apr. 20 | 4:20pm (but really, all day) | 1204 Beach Ave | Free (or roughly $5 a joint) 1204 Beach Avenue MAP

SPRING CLEANING | It’s time to get into Spring Cleaning mode! Clear out closets, empty drawers, let go of what you don’t really need. One solid trip to Goodwill with a load of stuff will leave you feeling lighter, freer and cleaner. But what about those little bits no one wants — the electronics, small appliances, power tools, and household batteries? No point in doing a half-assed job, folks. Get it all dealt with! Hit Beyond the Blue Box Recycling at Britannia Centre this weekend. They will accept everything from hard and soft plastics to boomboxes (yes, actually) and vacuum cleaners (expect a small fee). Get rid of your junk AND keep out of the landfill. Find out more.

Sat, April 20 | 9am-noon | Britannia Community Centre 1661 Napier St, Vancouver MAP

FLEA | The good folks at Eastside Flea throw down with one of their terrific spring maker markets this weekend. Cruise tables and booths of over 50 vendors offering cool-as-heck handmade wares. Meet people who make things, listen to music, eat food and drink drinks. Children and dogs enthusiastically encouraged. 

Sat, Apr. 20 + Sun, Apr. 21 | 11am-5pm | 550 Malkin Ave. MAP

WILLY WONKA | Got kids? Long weekend feeling a little daunting? There is a matinee showing of the original (1971) of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory at The Rio that could buy you a brief reprieve. Bonus: the 3:15 screen time corresponds in nicely with happy hour, and Commercial Drive is mighty close. Those 100 minutes apart could be a nice thing for everyone. Find out more.

Sat, Apr. 20 | 3:15pm | The Rio 1660 E Broadway MAP

EARTH DAY | Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day. Take some time out to show your respect for the planet. Turn off lights and appliances; hit a beach and pick up things that you know shouldn’t be there; stand in a forest and send thanks and good vibes to the trees. Looking for something slightly more social? Hustle over to Grandview Park on Commercial Drive on Saturday for an afternoon of music, speakers, community groups, parading, food trucks and good people at the annual Vancouver Earth Day Parade. Find out more.

Sat, Apr. 20 | 1pm | Grandview Park | 1657 Charles St, Vancouver, MAP

EAT LOCAL | Take a trip to the Farmers Market this weekend to fill up on spring goodies like stinging nettles, chives and lovely eggs from happy chickens as well as hearty root vegetables, fresh bread, dried fruits, sticky honey and other locally-grown goodies. One more week of Winter Markets before we begin to transition into summer markets! Get out there and support the people who grow your food!  Find out more.

Sat, Apr 20 | 10am-2pm | 4601 Ontario Street MAP
Sun, Apr. 21 | 10am-2pm | Hastings Park (PNE) MAP

RELAX | This is a long weekend, so kick back, take a hike, clean the garage, have friends over for dinner – do whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to get to but couldn’t manage to fit into the skimpy two-day weekends of yore. A long weekend is always a fine time to enjoy brunch with pals. Looking for somewhere to go? Check out Scout’s brunch guide to Vancouver here.

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