On the Complicated History of Curry and the Great Mashed Potato Mystery of Mississippi

Gastro Obscura does a deeply aromatic deep dive on the history of curry powder and its appropriation.

Of all the candies in the world, these are the ones that The Takeout has decided are the most underrated.

Vegan protesters in Australia take to the streets to promote an animal-free diet and raise awareness about factory farm conditions.

Toronto-based organization the Dandelion Initiative will be hosting a training session this Tuesday at Elisa on creating safer spaces within the hospitality industry.

From bagels and babka and borscht and brisket, this recently released book attempts to catalog the most Jewish foods of all time.

First Andrew Zimmern, then Gordon Ramsay, and now Lucky Lee’s in New York. Munchies examines recent incidents of cultural appropriation within the restaurant world.

Forbes on Elle Simone Scott’s plan to become the Oprah of the culinary world.

Get it while it lasts! Dosanko has a cherry blossom-inspired onigiri on offer that marries lobster, beets, shiso and the seasonal flower in celebration of spring’s arrival.

This pricey pop-up under a Toronto highway is taking gentrification to a new level and attracting many a protest (for good reason).

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @yvr.alana for the reminder that, despite yesterday’s hail storm, spring is indeed here and ice cream is totally in order:

CNBC offered up some piss-poor advice this week on how to save a buck when dining out, including tipping less.

Luckily the folks at Bon Appetit explain why the end of your meal is not the time to be be looking to reduce costs.

“Sure, we’ve all experienced a bit of sticker shock when we’ve received a bill, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to penny pinch to offset your spending. Instead, consider whether you can actually afford dinner—gratuity included—before entering a restaurant. If your savings goals can’t accommodate that meal, that’s when you consider other alternatives.”

Grub Street mourns the imminent end of Game of Thrones by paying homage to the many feasts of the 8-season series.

The Daily Beast on author Dashiell Hammett’s lasting influence on the way we drink today.

Everybody loves a good bar snack and Thrillist has a state-by-state roundup of some of the best on offer. Lucky for us, Oregon is known for their tater tots and Washington for their oysters…

Atlas Obscura on the unique challenges faced by a chef cooking on a research base in Antarctica.

“Working at Rothera means total isolation from family, friends, and normalcy. It also means no local produce, no easy delivery of fresh meat, and no trips to the market to purchase herbs, garnishes, or trending ingredients. But that doesn’t stop seasoned chefs from spending anywhere from six months to many years in an Antarctic kitchen. Why? Because cheffing at Rothera gets to the core of why they cook.”

The great mashed potato mystery of 2019 is leaving folks in Jackson, Mississippi wondering who exactly is leaving bowls of the fluffy stuff around town, and why.

While cashless restaurants may seem like a good idea, Eater explains why the model serves to exclude some consumers.

The Nanaimo Bar is finally getting the recognition it deserves with its very own stamp!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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