Mamie Taylor’s & Strange Fellows Launch ‘Crossroads’ Limited Edition Brew

The GOODS from Mamie Taylor’s

Vancouver, BC | On Monday April 8, 2019, Mamie Taylor’s and Strange Fellows Brewing launched the Lichtenhainer Smoked Sour: a “Crossroads” beer collaboration. The limited-edition craft beer is pouring now at Mamie Taylor’s, located at 251 E. Georgia Street.

“Perfect for spring, the Lichtenhainer is a light, crisp, and refreshing sour with a just hint of smoke,” said Ron Oliver, owner of Mamie Taylor’s, describing the beer.

A young beer, brewed from lightly smoked barley malt, the Lichtenhainer is pale in color, slightly opaque. The wort is lightly hopped, boiled briefly, and exposed to a spontaneously appearing, or deliberately started, lactic acid infection which gives the beer its sour taste.

Lichtenhainer has its roots in a handful of villages: Ammerbach, Ziegenhain, Winzerla, Wöllnitz, and naturally, Lichtenhain. Northern Germany was once home to dozens of top-fermenting beer styles. Most drowned under the tsunami of lager that flooded the region at the end of the 19th century. A few tenacious ones managed to cling on past WWII, fewer still until today.

The beer is available now at Mamie Taylor’s and at the Strange Fellows Brewing tasting room while supplies last.

ABOUT MAMIE TAYLOR’S | At the vanguard of the Vancouver’s reinvigorated Chinatown culinary scene, Mamie Taylor’s is a modern American restaurant specializing in imaginative, regional comfort food with a killer cocktail list. We also have taxidermy.

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