On Killing the Craft Beer Buzz and Restaurants Asking Guests for Stool Samples

The spring edition of the Scout 25 is here! Check out who made the list of Vancouver’s best restaurants and don’t forget to vote for your favourites!

Dave Infante pens a Medium essay on how the world’s biggest brewer killed the craft beer buzz.

Atlas Obscura finds a restaurant that is trying to resurrect the long disappeared recipes of the Ottoman Empire.

This week in food and science: linguists argue that the advent of softer foods produced changes in both our physiology and our language.

When a suspected food allergy isn’t really an allergy at all — Bon Appetit explains.

Eater spots a tinned seafood trend emerging in restaurants and recommends a few spots across the US where you can sample them.

Meanwhile, closer to home…Como Taperia has all of your tinned seafood needs covered.

And speaking of Como, you might want to consider trying their Chicharito alongside your happy hour tapas!

DesignTaxi freaks us out with a story on a Japanese company that is making 3D-printed sushi based on diners’ pee and poo

According to Austin news site KXAN, the company, Open Meals, aspires to create 3D-printed sushi by analyzing biological samples like a diner’s “saliva, urine stool,” so every piece is specially created for everyone. Open Meals plans to execute the mind-boggling idea in its yet-to-be-launched restaurant called Sushi Singularity. Those interested in eating there would have to make a reservation first. Upon receiving a booking, the restaurant will send a “heath test kit” to the guest, who will have to mail back a vial of pee or poop. Sushi Singularity will then analyze the samples and create a 3D-printed dinner incorporating nutrients that the diner needs.

Spring has sprung which means that Vancouver’s annual Spot Prawn Festival is just around the corner.

Hunter, forager and cook Jody Peck talks underrated ingredients, avoiding food fads and ethical hunting practices.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @wonuld for perfectly capturing this beautifully moody corner at La Tana:


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The New York Times delves into the rich and delectable history of our very own Nanaimo bar.

“The square looks something like a geological cross section. Its base is sedimentary: coconut and chopped walnuts bound together by a buttery silt of cocoa and crushed graham crackers. A middle layer of yellow buttercream teeters on the brink of liquefaction. And its top crust of chocolate, hard and brittle, thaws like the Arctic tundra the longer it lingers at room temperature.”

Cuteness ensues after an Australian winemaker left his car unlocked and came back to find a thirsty koala had made himself right at home.

Mia Stainsby talks with Vancouver chef David Hawksworth about his numerous upcoming projects including an airport outpost of his acclaimed restaurant and a recently purchased farm in Langley.

Vegan food companies and the meat industry may seem like strange bedfellows but perhaps there is common ground to be found.

David Wondrich reminds us that we can’t believe everything we read. Case in point” the bogus history of Rock & Rye.

In a recent experiment involving music and Emmental, researchers found that hip-hop-exposed wheels produced the most delicious cheese.

“Once the cheese matured, it was analyzed by professional food technologists, who concluded the cheese wheels exposed to music had a milder flavor compared to the control cheese. The group also determined the cheese that was played hip-hop had “a discernibly stronger smell and stronger, fruitier taste than the other test samples,” according to a summary of the experiment’s findings.”

I’m gonna say the whole CBD-in-food-thing jumped the shark right around the time somebody decided to put it in salad dressing and sell it.

Portland bartender and author Jeffrey Morgenthaler shares a photo essay on the in-between moments of his craft.

Ever wondered what Cap’n Crunch would have looked like had he been an actual 18th century naval captain? Here’s your answer.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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