Wings + Horns Launches Storm 36 Capsule with Nicolas Sassoon for UNSEEN Series

The GOODS from Wings + Horns

Vancouver, BC | At the intersection of the natural world and technology, Storm 36 is a digital rendering of Vancouver’s inclement weather by artist Nicolas Sassoon.

Sassoon is a digital artist fixated on early computer imaging techniques. Utilizing rudimentary imaging software and his intricate language of abstraction, he creates hypnotic digital animations indicative of early computer graphics.

For Storm 36, a project influenced by life in the Pacific Northwest, he employs a moiré method, overlapping two images to create the illusion of a third. Elements of constant motion amplify the effect and produce a trance-like sensation.

As a part of the wings+horns Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the Storm 36 series features a freeze-frame of the artwork, exploring the relationship between early computer graphics, textiles and the motion of the human body. The mesmeric styles include a crewneck, t-shirt, coach’s jacket and deck shirt, as well as limited-edition 6” x 11” prints signed and numbered by the artist.

The Storm 36 series is available for purchase on

A full editorial about the collaboration can be found in the latest UNSEEN, a recurring feature focused on artists, processes and environments.

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  1. Where does your business name come from? Is it related to The ‘wayfarer redemption’ trilogy by author Sara Douglass? The the name immediately brings it to mind in those who have read the books.