On Comforting the Rich at a Yacht Club and the Imminent End of Wing’s Cafe

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OK, Mr. Wilkinson. Your image has lately been taking a bit of a beating. People are calling you “out of touch” after you said that renting can be fun and that students can get carried away with interest-free loans so we need to do something that will really put you in touch with the people. I know! A yacht club! Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson pans speculation tax at West Van Yacht Club chat. The irony of whining about a $15,000 tax on an empty $3 million dollar second home when the membership to that club costs…wait for it…$15,000.

Sorry Andrew, but most Canadians – you know, the ones that aren’t in yacht clubs – are in favour of taxes like these: 69% of Canadians Support a Wealth Tax on The Super Rich. This isn’t radical stuff here, folks. Reagan had a marginal tax rate of 70%. It’s just that austerity has taken over our brains and we can’t think of how we got here.

How did we get here? Jean Swanson’s Idea for Housing Homeless Campers Shot Down. It’s funny, the new German dishwasher asked me why there are so many homeless people in Vancouver. I don’t think she expected a half-hour long answer.

This is a totally normal thing that is happening: Burnaby council candidate crowdfunds to pay rent as housing insanity continues. This must be just like living in paradise a late-capitalist dystopian hell world.

‘Bout time: Vancouver cuts funding to rape crisis centre over policy excluding transgender women. Remember, someone else’s sex or gender identity takes nothing away from yours. Stand for inclusion.

Gas prices and temperatures both on the rise in Metro Vancouver. Ah yes, it’s that time of year again when everyone gets severe amnesia and forgets that every single spring the gas prices go up and instead blame it on the lack of a new pipeline that doesn’t even deliver oil that gets refined into gas that we use.

Related tweet of the day:

Canada is not doing enough to combat right-wing terrorism. We literally had an entire election on the niqab. That was Jason Kenney’s idea. His UCP party just had a candidate resign for using white nationalist rhetoric. Scheer showed up at a Yellow Vest rally with Faith Goldy. The Yellow Vests cheered the terrorist attack. Scheer wouldn’t mention white supremacy in his pathetic response. Maxime Bernier has said nothing. A guy showed up to a vigil for mosque attack victims in Toronto wearing a MAGA hat. The terrorist’s gun had a Canadian’s name written on it. A Canadian website reposted his manifesto. Ernst Zündel, Faith Goldy, Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, Gavin McInnes, Jordan Peterson, Soldiers of Odin, Rebel Media, UBC Hate Speech Club… We aren’t doing enough to combat the problem because it seems we are the problem.

And then there’s this guy: Chilliwack school trustee links Islam with violence. Someone fly Egg Boy out to the Fraser Valley!

This is an example of what to do:

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RIP: Wing’s Cafe

Honour bound: Dakota Wildeman Memorial Fund.

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  1. Bullshit; Reagan lowered the top marginal tax rate from 70% to 50%. In 1986 he reduced it to 28%.

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