The Scout List, Vol. 513

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from Mar. 6 to Mar. 12, 2019.
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The Scout List, Vol. 513

From our calendar to yours comes this carefully considered agenda of cool things we are doing, wishing we could do, or conspiring to do in Vancouver from March 6 to March 12, 2019. Please note that you can now get the Scout List – with a few extra pieces of intel included – sent to your inbox every Thursday. Sign up for your subscription in the sidebar

SPRING FORWARD | March is that turning point on the calendar when we can begin to remember longer days and hold on tight to the knowledge that the warmth of summer is well on its way. Thankfully, that momentous point (Daylight Savings Time) comes this week! Late on Saturday night – or more accurately at about 2am on Sunday morning – our clocks will spring forward, making room for the extra daylight that will help put down the doldrums. Sun, March 10 | 2am

PARTY | Did you miss your chance to hit New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year? Make up for it by hitting the Wise Hall this weekend for East Van Mardi Gras. Expect peak Commercial Drive vibe with jazz, horns, funk, costumes, stilts, parading, performance, food, drink and maybe even some shiny beads. Find out more. UPDATE: THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT 

Oh NO! This event is sold out! Sat, Mar. 9 | 8-11:30pm | WISE Hall | 1882 Adanac St. MAP

TASTE | Juice Bar is rocking out at Birds & the Beets this week (and next). There’s a lot to take in here, so go slow… Lee Kellough (formerly of Pizzeria Farina) is serving up sourdough pizzas from Wednesday, March 6 to Friday, March 8 (6-11pm or until dough runs out). On Saturday, March 9th, Christopher Scott (formerly of Cinara) will swoop in to cook for one night. Then fast forward to Wednesday, March 13th, when Jimmy Stewart (Bao Bei, Kissa Tanto, Maze, Amass, Luksus) takes over for four nights. Menus for these chef residencies will be posted daily on the Juice Bar instagram. The best thing about all of it? The wine! From JuiceBar: “We’ve been building our cellar over the last year to offer a fully stocked bottle fridge – no paper lists – you’ll be able to see all the wines we have on offer at the bar, with the by the glass offerings changing nightly. Wines that we love to drink, that are a true expression of grape, terroir and the personality of those who make them.” Any one of these sound like a pretty fine March evening situation if you ask us! Find out more.

WED - SAT | 6-11pm | The Birds & The Beets ** Enter via 54 Alexander St. | 55 Powell St. Vancouver, BC MAP

CONNECT | The Pie Shoppe ladies are holding a wonderfully down-to-earth long table dinner on Friday night.  The menu – prepared by Pie Shoppe owners Andy and Stephanie French – includes drinks, winter crudité, fresh sourdough bread, seafood chowder (or veggie soup) and a winter tart. While guests enjoy their meal, Stephanie will facilitate a casual panel discussion about being a creative woman in business. Speakers are leathersmith and co-owner of bespoke shoe brand Love Jules Leather, Jules Vagelatos; ceramic artist Janaki Larsen; and me (Michelle). Come! It’ll be fun. We’ll hang out. Find out more.

Fri, Mar. 8 | 6pm | The Pie Shoppe (Opening soon) 1875 Powell St. MAP

BEER + LAUGHING | This Friday is International Women’s Day! Although gender equality isn’t a laughing matter, showing your support for all of the awesome women in your life and the world at large can still be a fun time. Case in point: for their second ‘Parkside Comedy Night’ (Thursday, March 7th), the Parkside Brewery in Port Moody has assembled an all-women roster of seven seriously funny comedians in honour of the day. Even better, a dollar from every pint sold will be donated to the Tri-Cities Transitions charity, which offers support to women and children victims of family violence and abuse. That’s a lot of great reasons to knock back a few pints on Brewers Row this Thursday! Find out more.

Thu, Mar. 7 | 8pm | The Parkside Brewery | FREE 2731 Murray St. MAP

BURRITOS! | International Women’s Day is about recognizing the work that has been done to better the situations of women while also pushing for more progress — it’s also about respect, education, gender parity, political rights, and empowerment. You can get in on the spirit of IWD by marching, rallying, talking and/or shouting, or you can go subtle but strong with a Breakfast Burrito and a Hibiscus Iced Tea at (female-owned) Bandidas Taqueria on Commercial Drive. Bandidas is celebrating IWD with their 2nd annual feminist-themed art show and fundraiser that sees 100% of profits from food and drink sales on the day donated to local organizations that serve women. Marching isn’t for everyone, but burritos are! As always, nice work on giving back to the community, Bandidas! So much respect. Find out more.

Fri, Mar. 8 | All day / evening | Bandidas 2781 Commercial Drive MAP

ENGAGE | City staff are are launching a two-year process to create a comprehensive Broadway area plan and they need some help. The 30-year plan will focus on opportunities to integrate new housing, jobs, and amenities around the new Broadway Subway – so it’s a pretty massive undertaking. In order to begin the process of involving the public in shaping their plan, City of Vancouver staff are holding two open house events this weekend. Stick your head in to bring yourself up to speed on what changes are expected or contribute your own thought(s) on development. Showing up and speaking out is the best way to be heard. Now is the time, so do it! Find out more.

Fri, Mar. 8 + Sat, Mar. 9 | 3–7pm | CityLab (511 W Broadway) | 511 W Broadway MAP

WHISKY | Every year the Vancouver Writers’ Festival puts on a fundraising event called Whisky & Words, and every year that event sells out, because who doesn’t love the concept of unlimited rare whisky tasting for a good cause? This year, event organizers got wise and have added six ancillary whisky-centric events that will allow even more whisky enthusiasts a chance to participate. The Masterclass series of workshops will pop-up at locations across Granville Island in the early evening of March 8th (we’re letting you know about them now because they too will sell out and we want you to grab a place while you still can). Class themes range from “Women & Whisky” (led by Canada’s first female Scotch Ambassador) and the science of whisky-making to a survey of who is making what on the local scene and how whisky and writing have such an intimate relationship. For a full description of classes, click here. Tickets are reasonably priced at $65 and include tastings and light food pairings. Bonus: all ticket purchases will include a $40 tax receipt. Find out more.

Fri, Mar. 8 | 5:30-7pm | Various Locations on Granville Island 1661 Duranleau St. MAP

SPACE | Alien is the midnight movie at the Rio this week. “As one of – if not the – greatest action heroines to ever hit the silver screen, Sigourney Weaver’s unstoppable Ellen Ripley kicks all the asses and takes all the names throughout one of the most iconic action films of all time, Ridley Scott’s ALIEN. As such, our chests are literally bursting with excitement as we toast International Women’s Day on March 8 with a Friday Late Night movie screening of one of our favourite action/horror/sci-fi movies (and favourite heroines!).” Cold beer available. Find out more.

Fri, Mar. 8 | 11:55pm  | Rio Theatre | 1660 E Broadway MAP

SUNDAY DINNER | It’s nice to sit down with friends and family for a relaxing Sunday dinner, wouldn’t you agree? What isn’t as nice is cleaning up afterward. Solution: Sunday Roast at Dock Lunch. Pop-up dining heroes from Vin Van cover the cooking and cleaning…all you have to do is show up with your friends and for relaxing and eating. From event organizers: “On 10th March we’ll be serving a traditional Roast Dinner (roast beef this time around) with ALL the trimmings, including Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes along with a dessert and curated wine pairings. Think family style, home cooked comfort food with plenty of good wine and great conversation.” Perfect, right? Find out more.

Sun, March 10 | 6.30pm | $55 | Dock Lunch | 152 E. 11th Ave. MAP

CURRY CUP | Hustle over to Heritage Hall on Main Street for the 6th annual Curry Cup on Monday night. This year 7 of Vancouver’s top chefs (and 3 culinary schools instructor lead student teams) will compete for the esteemed cup and not only does your $69 ticket to the event include a taste of everything they make, but it also comes with cold beer from R&B Brewing, wine and cocktails and gelato! Can’t go wrong…unless you wait too long to secure your ticket (so don’t do that). Find out more.

Mon, Mar. 11 | 6:30-9:30pm | Heritage Hall 3102 Main St. MAP

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