Four Winds Releases 2019 Belgian-Style Tripel, ‘Triplicity’

The GOODS from Four Winds

Delta, BC | Continuing our trend of classic Four Winds releases, we’re ready to launch the 2019 vintage of Triplicity. This is one of the most popular cork and cage beers that we release every year. People love to buy a couple of bottles; one for now and one for the cellar. This is definitely a beer that does well over time. The sugars from the honey in the beer help with secondary fermentation in the bottle and produce very unique flavours as it ages.

Triplicity takes the Tripel concept a step further, utilizing 3 malts, 3 hops, and 3 sugar sources. Fermented with Lillooet wild desert honey, this Belgian Tripel is effervescent with complex aromas of honey and spice followed by flourishes of fruit and a perceived dry finish.

TASTING NOTES: Honey, mulling spices, soft notes of citrus.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Moules-frites, hearty stews and soups, grilled chicken dishes, apple and cinnamon flavoured desserts.

BREWER’S NOTES: The honey used in Triplicity is provided by local Delta company Goldstrike Honey Co. The sage honey provides a mellow sweetness to the beer that is complemented by its hop and malt character.

We list the IBUs on this beer as 33.3 which isn’t exactly true, but we find it kind of funny because of the beer’s name. It’s probably closer to 30 IBU.

Triplicity won the Silver for Belgian-Style Tripel in 2017 and Bronze in the same category in 2018 at the Canadian Brewing Awards.

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