We Want One of Scott Reinhard’s Topographic Maps

(via) Despite appearances, these stunning maps by Brooklyn-based graphic designer Scott Reinhard are not 3D. Rather, they “combine 3-dimensional data with paper maps to create an image that looks like it pops off the page.” They aren’t new maps, either. They’re old, only with convincing CG elevation applied (on chromogenic prints). According to his bio, Reinhard “has worked at the highest level of print and digital graphic design for over a decade. With his foray into mapping and land visualization, he brings a new eye and approach to how we imagine the landforms around us. Scott works as a freelance Multimedia and Graphics Editor at the New York Times.”

Yellowstone (above) is my favourite. Prices start at $55 per.

  • scott_reinhard_topographic_geographic_maps_2
  • scott_reinhard_topographic_geographic_maps_3
  • scott_reinhard_topographic_geographic_maps_4
  • scott_reinhard_topographic_geographic_maps_5

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