On the Triumph of Ignorance and Remembering the Lazy Millennials of the 1970s

Tea & Two Slices is a long-running local news round-up by NEEDS frontman and veteran restaurant dishwasher Sean Orr, who lives and works in Gastown. He is very aware of his privilege, so there’s really no need to remind him of it.

When fake news kills: Father at centre of measles outbreak didn’t vaccinate children due to autism fears. This is what happens when lies are presented as a side in a debate. As someone who almost died from Whooping Cough, I think this distrust of science is heart-breaking. And seeing right wing political parties prey on people’s ignorance – be it climate change or immigration – is one of the major challenges of our day. And no, you are not entitled to your opinion:

The problem with “I’m entitled to my opinion” is that, all too often, it’s used to shelter beliefs that should have been abandoned. It becomes shorthand for “I can say or think whatever I like” – and by extension, continuing to argue is somehow disrespectful. And this attitude feeds, I suggest, into the false equivalence between experts and non-experts that is an increasingly pernicious feature of our public discourse.

But what can we expect from a populace who complains about an Amber Alert? You are horrible people. I wonder if they would’ve complained if it was a blonde girl?

Coastal GasLink stops pipeline work after artifacts found on Wet’suwet’en territory. This is great but the voices of the descendants of the people who made the artifacts should be enough.

Update: Archaeology Branch and BCOGC Trespass on Unist’ot’en Territory, Steal Artifacts.

Meanwhile, B.C. commits to being 1st province in Canada to put UNDRIP into legislation. “It will be more than symbolic” says Horgan with a straight face. So does this mean Site C is cancelled?

New $1.9-billion St. Paul’s Hospital is officially a go in Vancouver. Let’s hope it’s not under water by the time it’s completed.

I always knew he was a fucking creep: Former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell investigated for sexual assault in England. How much do you wanna bet he claims diplomatic immunity?

Well, if our Yellow Vest-loving corporate media monopoly is anything to go by, this is no surprise: ‘Near Monopoly’: Canada’s Economy is ‘Dominated’ By a Small Handful of Corporations, Experts Warn. It looks like we’re way ahead of the game on becoming an oligarchy.

Honour Bound: The victor: Terri-Jean Bedford spent 20 years fighting prostitution laws.

Bonus: Candid Snapshots Capture Everyday Life Of Vancouver Youth In The 1970s. Would look at these damn millennials with no work ethic just lounging around…

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  1. 1970s; lots of smokers. In the 2010s, you can still smoke AND wear a t-shirt emblazoned “Yes, I am that Stupid.”

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