On the Sommeliers of Everything and How to Properly Complain In a Restaurant

If you’re into the whole Valentine’s Day thing (or you want to take yourself out for a fancy meal just because, Scout’s Bulletin Board has been stuffed full of delicious menus worthy of your attention.

The Washington Post looks at the Sommeliers of Everything and the era of “surprisingly specific expertise.”

The Atlantic looks into excess or “ugly” produce and the complicated moral and ethical dilemmas of start-ups profiting from structural issues within current food systems.

Ever wonder why the label on that bottle of Angostura is always oversized? Esquire explains the history of one of the cocktail world’s most used bitters.

The Globe and Mail’s Alexandra Gill names Trans Am one of the coolest bars in Vancouver (in that old school, 80’s kind of way).

And speaking of restaurant reviews, the Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby heads to Dachi on East Hastings to check out their seasonal fare.

Nada, Vancouver’s second no-waste grocery store, helps locals reduce their own food waste.

Must read: A poignant piece from food and beverage activist Ashtin Berry on the success of Bronx food collective Ghetto Gastro.

“Ghetto Gastro is revolutionary because it challenges our cliched ideas about Black food and black chefs. More importantly, it challenges the notion that black food comes with a fiscal glass ceiling.”

New column alert! How to Cook Vancouver brings you some of your favourite restaurant dishes in the city recreated at home. Maciel Pereda begins with La Taqueria’s tasty carnitas tacos.

Looking to incorporate more music into your life? Eater has compiled the definitive playlist of every “cool” restaurant in America.

Eating via Instagram honours this week goes to @origoclub where every detail was taken care of for their Chinese New Year tea service:


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If you’re in need of a laugh, this video of Seth Meyers day-drinking with The Barefoot Contessa should do the trick.

It’s moves like the in-flight Diet Coke “plane crush” napkins that really makes you wonder who’s sitting around those corporate marketing tables…

In the lead-up to next week’s Hopwired Festival, Scout sat down with Twin Sail’s co-founder Cody Allmin to chat all things beer and coffee.

Bon Appetit’s David Tamarkin shares a personal story of a single bedbug, a diagnosis of OCD and a therapeutic month spent in the kitchen.

Esquire breaks down their current favourite whiskey distilleries by state. For those of you planning a southbound road trip, Seattle’s Westland came in at number one!

New York Times Food Critic Pete Wells on the most effective way to complain at a restaurant.

“Whatever you want, you’re more likely to get it if you have a word with a manager either before you leave or later on. As a side benefit, you’ll be helping the restaurant, too; when somebody is unhappy at the end of a meal, almost any manager or restaurateur wants to know.”

A further word to the wise: don’t challenge the McDonald’s manager to fisticuffs and then call the police because they messed up your order. It won’t end well….

Mind the Bar Co-founder and restaurant owner Shoel Davidson takes us on a tour of his favourite spots to eat and drink around town.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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