Gastown’s PiDGiN Announces Seven-Course Valentine’s Day Menu

The GOODS from Pidgin

Vancouver, BC | Make a big impression on that special someone by gifting them an unforgettable dining experience. The day of romance falls on a Thursday; we will also have the Valentine’s menu taking over our usual prix-fixe menu until next Sunday, just in case you and yours can’t make it in on a school night. Our full menu will also be available à la carte all weekend long.

Chef Wesley Young has created a beautiful, 7-course menu that takes diners on a thoughtful culinary journey full of truffles, caviar and other delectable treats. Our sommelier Alain Canuel will have wine and sake pairings available to perfectly compliment the meal. As always, pairings are optional, and we do have incredible non-alcoholic cocktails designed by our bar manager Kristi-Leigh Akister for those staying dry.

Flying solo this year? Not to worry, our à la carte menu will be available as usual. And if group romance is more your vibe, we can accommodate parties for a Valentine’s Day feast. Reserve your spot for next Thursday, Friday or Saturday at

Valentine’s Day Menu / $99

A5 wagyu beef, fresh wasabi, confit garlic, matchstick potato

crab, scallop and avocado, crab mayonnaise, mezcal and yuzu gel, dill

poached white asparagus, oyster emulsion black Perigord truffle

sake kasu cured sablefish, nama shoyu dashi

sea urchin butter tajarin, atlantic sturgeon caviar, shiso and daikon sprouts

angus striploin steak, mushroom duxelle, foie gras jus

chocolate mousse, lapsang foam, ovaltine crumble, raspberries


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