On Terrifying Mannequin Heads and the Effectiveness of ‘Yuppies Go Home’ Graffiti

Tea & Two Slices is a long-running news round-up by NEEDS frontman and veteran restaurant dishwasher Sean Orr, who lives and works in Gastown. He is very aware of his privilege, so there’s really no need to remind him of it.

B.C. gaming investigators repeatedly warned bosses of ‘horrendous’ money laundering. To which the bosses basically replied: ‘Ok, but is there anything uncasino-like going on?’

Looks like all that “Yuppies go home” graffiti a decade ago finally got through: Many young professionals leaving Vancouver over high cost of housing. Ah yes, the housing crisis is most important when it affects young, white collar professionals. Truly the only angle worth reporting on. Thanks, Globe & Mail!

But it’s all going to trickle down! We promise. Any second now: Ottawa can’t keep squeezing Crazy Rich Canadians. Or barely rich ones. “Over half the population support proposals to raise taxes on the wealthy, but the wealthy will just move their income elsewhere…” This is where the ‘I’m taking my toys and going home’ approach becomes official policy.

Interestingly enough, “eat the rich” is not in the new guide: The dark side of Canada’s new food guide — many Canadians can’t follow it. Here’s a startling fact: “In 2017 a UNICEF report ranked Canada near the bottom — 37th out of 41 high-income countries on children’s access to nutritious food.”

Yup, while we may be the G7 country that doesn’t have a national school food program and we still don’t have a national housing program, we still get to gloat when US Senator Rand ‘Socialized-Medicine-Is-Slavery’ Paul comes here for surgery.

Hey, remember when we had a public rail line and then a bunch of criminals sold it? With Greyhound about to quit B.C., Lillooet calls for return of passenger train service. Do this.

Why we’re calling out the left and the right of Canadian politics. OK, but let me remind you that right wing outrage brought you the KKK and left wing outrage brought you…the weekend.


But yeah, it’s the left that’s stifling debate: B.C. radio host faces torrent of threats, abuse after criticizing Yellow Vest protesters.

Don’t dismiss them as ‘crackpots’: Who are Canada’s yellow vest protesters? Yes, the CBC basically just wrote the following Beaverton post, only ironically…

Yellow vests in Canada: ‘We’re not racist if you ignore the things we say and do

Not to be outdone, The Province published a letter justifying an attack on Syrian refugees: Spray attack understandable. Michael Maldove:

(The Fraser Institute’s) reactionary think tank’s stranglehold on the public discourse in Vancouver (Postmedia, the corporation they ghostwrite for, owns both daily papers here, a business model outlawed in proto-fascist america) must somehow be ended. Freedom of the Press shouldn’t be construed as freedom to slander minority groups and brazenly misinform the public. Their long-running practice of inserting disinfo and far right, sometimes racist, propaganda in the form of letters and opinion pieces has become as great a public threat as their slanted reporting has always been. This town needs a real newspaper.

Meanwhile, the VPD streamed a talk by a known TERF: I was at a Meghan Murphy / Lee Lakeman event at my public library.

Bonus: #NoCallTooCreepy: Mannequin heads in dumpster give B.C. cop a fright.

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  1. Actually the left wing is responsible for the KKK. Democrats have opposed every major human rights bill in US history. The Republican’s led by Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. Now left wing Nazis may scream “but but but what about the southern strategy”. If the southern strategy was relevant in any way, then why did Republicans vote unanimously to end Jim Crow laws and for the equal rights amendment, while democrats opposed both?

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