We Want an Adventuremobile That Can Drive Across Deserts and Walk Up Mountains

(via) We love going on camping adventures off FSR or Bureau of Land Management roads, but there’s a limit to the capability of our vehicle. When the going gets too hairy in the middle of nowhere, we tend to simply turn around rather than risk getting stuck, or worse. So the idea of Hyundai’s new walking car concept “Elevate” has us a little excited for the future. Perhaps one day these things will be camperized, just like our old Volkswagen, and instead of driving gingerly around obstacles and hazards off-road to find the perfect campsite, we could simply press a button and switch from driving mode to one of several different walking modes and step over what ever was in our way.

  • hyundai_elevate_walking_car_1
  • hyundai_elevate_walking_car_3
  • hyundai_elevate_walking_car_2
  • hyundai_elevate_walking_car_4
  • hyundai_elevate_walking_car_5

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