Hiking the Lynn Loop Trail With Fjällräven

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Hiking the Lynn Loop Trail With Fjällräven

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Vancouver, BC | Fjällräven is about getting outside and spending time in nature. In BC, that means beaches, forests and mountains. Because we spend so much of our free time in the outdoors, we want to share some of our favourite local adventures that are close to Vancouver…


Lynn Loop Trail Lynn Loop Trail, North Vancouver, BC MAP

TIME REQUIRED: 1.5 hours for the walk. Allow 30-40mins of travel time to Lynn Creek.
DOG FRIENDLY? Leash only.
KID FRIENDLY? Yes. This is not a difficult walk. Directions are well marked and had loads of man-made paths.
PARKING: There is a free carpark at the The Ecology Centre.

Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre 3663 Park Road, North Vancouver, BC MAP

Your name: Tommy McArdle
Store location: 147 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
Favourite season: Winter
Favourite cold weather sport: Hiking
Favourite tree: Ash
Colour of your backpack: UN Blue

TAKE: I packed my Kanken backpack with the basics: waterproof jacket, insulated layer, hat, gloves and water bottle. Although this walk only takes 1.5hrs to complete it’s easy to get distracted by the views and the many other trails that link in with the Lynn Loop, making it easy to wonder off the main trail. That being said, it’s not hard to find your way back to the Lynn Loop trail as the all seem to eventually lead to the same finishing point. I didn’t feel the need to pack a lunch for this walk due to the shortness of it, but I did take a couple of energy bars just in case I felt the hunger. (There are several places to sit down along the trails and relax while enjoying the views of the forest or falls so I would advise a little food just in case.) There are multiple pools along the way, too — if you’re crazy enough to take a dip this time of year, you might also want to include some swim gear and a towel. In the summer, it’s hard not to jump in once you see how clear the water is in the 30ft pool. It isn’t a very challenging trail so any hiking shoes would be suitable (I prefer light hiking boots), but regardless of the time of year I would recommend waterproof footwear as you’re guaranteed to cross a big puddle or two. What’s more, the wooden man-made walkways can be a bit slippery once they get wet so be cautious. The suspension bridge can also be slightly scary as it does move when there are more than 3-4 people on it.

TIP: It really doesn’t matter what way you start the Lynn Loop trail as it is indeed a loop. I used public transport to get there and back, taking the #210 bus from Waterfront Station all the way to Lynn Creek. The best viewpoint on the walk is at the 30ft pool, where you get an immediate understanding for just how much water flows down the creek. |

Waterfront Station 601 West Cordova St. MAP

AFTER-SNACK: After the walk we went to ‘The Wallflower’ on Main Street. It’s a very cosy place with great music and classic movies showing behind the bar. The staff are very welcoming and very helpful. I would recommend the McNuffin: 100% vegan-friendly and perfect for filling an empty stomach after a hike. Bonus: the staff are always checking your coffee cup for free refills. |

Wallflower Modern Diner 2420 Main St. MAP


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