We Want This Parisian Live/Work Situation Here in Vancouver

With our city now so laughably unaffordable, thousands of Vancouverites are stuck imagining wonderful homes instead of living in them. Spaced is a record of our minds wandering the world of architecture and design, up and away from the unrewarding realities of shoebox condos, dark basement suites, sweet f~ck all on Craigslist and three levels of government that couldn’t give a damn.

We’d happily take this three bedroom house/studio/workshop in Paris, thank you. It would be even better if we could transport it across the Atlantic and set it up here in Strathcona. Or we could just keep it in Paris. It’s a toss-up. The important thing is that we wouldn’t change a thing…

This incredible house of 357 m2 (337 m2) with garden and workshop is located just a few steps from the rue des Martyrs, in discretion and calm.

It rises on 4 levels and benefits from a cellar.

Garden level: an entrance and a living room around the garden-veranda of 49 m2, a kitchen with pantry and access to a vaulted wine cellar of 14 m2.

1st floor: a master suite with bathroom, dressing room and separate toilet (possibility two rooms)

2nd floor: three bedrooms, a dressing room, a bathroom and separate toilet

3rd and last floor: a spectacular workshop under glass windows of 125 m2 with 8m50 of height and a small concealed kitchen. The mezzanines library, arches and semicircular window associated with the immense volume make this space a totally impressive place, unique and unconventional. Mixed use. Facade cleaned recently. Work needed.

The asking price is just over $7.2 million CAD.

  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-1
  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-2
  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-4
  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-5
  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-6
  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-7
  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-8
  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-10
  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-11
  • M1509EP-espaces-atypiques-Maison-jardin-coiffée-dun-majestueux-atelier-Paris-75009-13

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